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A. Stratospheric ozone science

  • (Session Conveners: Wolfgang Steinbrecht, Karin Kreher, Matt Tully, Mark Weber, Alexander Gruzdev, Birgit Hassler, Ja-Ho Koo)
  • - Description: Chemical and dynamical processes affecting ozone in the stratosphere and mesosphere, long-term trends and issues in ozone recovery, UTLS, recent field campaigns, future projections of stratospheric ozone

B. Ozone-depleting substances, sources, sinks, and budgets

  • (Session Conveners: Steve Montzka, Ken Jucks, Sunyoung Park)
  • - Description: Recent CFC-11 increases, CCl4 emissions, VSLS growth, newly found ODS, CFC replacements

C. Tropospheric ozone science

  • (Session Conveners: Laura Pan, Lin Zhang, Valerie Thouret, Boris Belan, Corinne Vigouroux, Jianchun Bian, Jessica Neu, Gangwoong Lee)
  • - Description: Spatiotemporal variation, long-term trends, precursors of ozone in the boundary layer and free troposphere, Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange

D. Ozone, Climate, and Meteorology

  • (Session Conveners: Douglas Kinnison, Masatomo Fujiwara, Marcus Rex, Ulrike Langematz, Raul R. Cordero, Andrew Klekociuk, Seok-Woo Son)
  • - Description: Impact of climate change on atmospheric ozone, evolution of large-scale circulation, radiative forcing of ozone, impact of ozone changes on surface climate and meteorology

E. Ozone monitoring and measurement techniques

  • (Session Conveners: Nathaniel Livesey, Michel Van Roozendael, Robyn Schofield, Yugo Kanaya, Andrea Pazmino, Doug Degenstein, Sangseo Park, Xiong Liu)
  • - Description: Various techniques of atmospheric ozone monitoring in terms of in-situ measurements, remote sensing, satellite, as well as  calibration of various ozone monitoring instruments, monitoring networks, new instrumentation and methodologies

F. Environmental and human health effects of atmospheric ozone and UV

  • (Session Conveners: Stefan Reis, Julian Grobner, Alberto Redondas, Ayman El Shahat Badawy, Johanna Tamminen, Kaley Walker, Andreas Kazantzidis, Yun Gon Lee)
  • - Description: Influence of atmospheric ozone and UV radiation on public health, agricultural crop yield, ecosystem service impacts, material degradation, trends, future scenarios, policy interventions