Baekyang-Nuri (The Commons), Yonsei University

QOS 2021 will be held at Baekyang-Nuri (The Commons), Yonsei University in Seoul. Yonsei University, as one of the best and oldest private universities in Korea, is founded on Christian principles in its motto of 'truth' and 'freedom' in 1885. Today, Yonsei consists of 330,000 alumni, 4,300 faculty members, and four campuses including Sinchon, Songdo, and a satellite campus in Wonju. Sinchon campus located in Seoul has 28,000 students including graduate and undergraduate. And it is regarded to have one of the most beautiful and picturesque campus in Korea.

'Baekyang' means the white poplar tree planted along the main street of the campus until 1960 and 'Nuri' is a pure Korean word which means 'the world'. Baekyang-Nuri (The Commons) was constructed on October 2015 in the name of recreation project to maximize the utility of the basement space. There are many meeting rooms and conference halls including Grand Ballroom, Gumho Art Hall, and global Lounge. Baekyang-Nuri (The Commons) also provides all faculty and students with state of the art facilities, campus atrium, and relaxation.

- Conference Venue: Baekyang-Nuri (The Commons), Building #130, Yonsei University
- Address: Baekyang-Nuri (The Commons), Yonsei University, 50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03722, Korea

* Approximately 5-10 minutes on foot from University entrance to the venue.


Baekyangro Hall